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    • The Importance of Training and Fitness (5)
      Those who do exceptional things at work every day need more than simple exercise.
    • Hytera E - pack 100 - innovative DMR mobile repeater for crisis communications (27)
      Ensuring connectivity in crisis situations has always been a challenge for radio networks. In the event of heavy damage (e.g. storms, floods, extensive fires), existing PMR networks are usually damaged and are unable to provide access to voice services. For the efficient operation of the Public Security Service, it is required to have an effective and, above all, efficient communication network.
    • Fire safety in road tunnels. A proven solution (49)
      Fire safety management is a key aspect in maintaining the maximum level of fire and fire protection for both people and objects. In the case of road tunnels, it is one of the most important links in the prevention system and possible fire-fighting action focusing on the protection of life and health of participants and rescuers, but also on maintaining the tunnel's maintenance ability in the road network.
  • The subject of the issue
    • Water traps in extinguishing operations (7)
      The risk results from the fact that firefighters make the right decision to cool the hot layer in the room covered by the fire, but on the other hand, an ally in this tactical intention is not a significant increase in its volume by evaporating water (even more than 1700 times ).
  • In Action
    • Identification of the biological agent (15)
      In the case of a bioterrorist attack, the key is to detect such an event and to quickly and precisely identify the pathogen.
    • Technical rescue again (21)
      After 8 years, in October 2021, the Rules for the organization of technical rescue in the National Fire-Rescue System were updated. The purpose of this article is to present the new rules and what has changed in them compared to the previous version
    • Paving the way at CNBOP-PIB (31)
      The article describes in detail the experience in car preparation aimed at adapting it to the standards applicable in Poland for the purpose of obtaining the CNBOP-PIB certificate.
    • Amendments to the regulation on the detailed organization of the KSRG (37)
      The management of rescue operations as an area of thematic knowledge is described by a number of legal regulations of the rank of acts and ordinances and lower-level documents in the form of internally developed rules for the organization of individual types of rescue, as well as procedures of conduct in individual cases. A functional person who plays the role of the Head of Rescue Operations (KDR) is obliged to consciously use the formal and legal regulations and make commanding decisions sanctioned by the law.
    • Reasons for fires of electrical devices and installations - part 2 (43)
      In large facilities, where the fire is unknown or several rooms where the fire was first noticed, the examination of the electrical installation begins with the examination of the first degrees of protection and on their basis preliminary conclusions as to the behavior of the electrical installation during the fire.
    • Training of Airport Rescue Groups (50)
      This study presents the process of specialist training carried out on the basis of the School of Firefighting Specialists in the Group, which must be completed by all firefighters performing their activities in Military Fire Brigades located at Air Bases in Poland.
    • Technical development of fire trucks - part 3 (56)
      Fire trucks have always been very interesting constructions. Built according to strictly defined rules. Intended for extremely specialized tasks. The use of new materials and technologies in the economy increases the threats that, in the event of destructive events, force the search for new techniques to eliminate them. This applies especially to fires or accidents that pose a particular threat to people, the natural environment and members of rescue entities.
    • The Prospects for Smart Fire Fighting Operations and Modern Fire Equipment - Part 1 (67)
      Worldwide fire losses are still too high and fire fighting is very dangerous. Currently, data from different sources is collected independently and processed separately, but developing new technologies make it possible to use huge amounts of information. This gives high hopes for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of rescue operations.

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