• The subject of the issue
    • The use of extinguishing and cutting devices in the work of a firefighter (9)
      This article will present the possibility of using extinguishing and cutting devices in the work of a firefighter, as well as the benefits of using them, based on the example of the Swedish method. There will also be three events in which fire extinguishing and cutting devices were used.
  • Promotional article
    • Synchronized S-Flare Signal Discs for Accident Luminous Marking (22)
      When reliable lighting is a requirement for work and safety, there is no point in compromising. Signaling disks, which mark accident sites, escape routes and LPR helicopter landing sites, are very popular among Polish firefighters. Their use enables solving numerous problems of the lack of signal lighting for dangerous places and road obstacles.
  • In Action
    • Electricity as a threat to firefighters (16)
      The service performed by firefighters involves many dangers that lurk at every step. Not everyone is aware that one of them is electric current, with which it would seem that firefighters are not in contact. However, in practice, almost every intervention they take is related directly or indirectly to the threat posed by electricity. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of the dangers that every firefighter must have.
    • The impact of THT on the safety of natural gas transmission (24)
      The widespread use of natural gas in industry and households makes it a medium that firefighters must take into account during most fires.
    • Efficiency of pre-decontamination (29)
      It has been debated for many years whether pre-decontamination is effective and fully adequate. However, in the opinions of experts and in the available literature, one can find recommended methods of decontamination. Decontamination procedures should be carried out in two stages - the first stage is the initial decontamination, and the second stage is the actual decontamination.
    • Causes of fires in electrical devices and installations - part 1 (34)
      About 8,000 fires break out in Poland every year, caused by faulty installations and electrical devices or their improper operation. It should be remembered that poorly made, inefficient or improperly used electrical devices and installations pose a very high risk of fire.
    • Automatic target detection as the future of UAS-assisted search and rescue (40)
      Unmanned aerial vehicles are used to support humanitarian and rescue missions in many emergencies. Their potential for aerial photography has been repeatedly demonstrated to further analyze fire hazards and improve the safety of firefighters. The aim of the publication is to show the possibilities of using UAVs in improving search and rescue activities carried out in open areas. The suggested direction of technology development in this area is the implementation of the most automated image recognition systems based on artificial intelligence.
    • Specialist medical rescue teams CBRNEmed (46)
      The possibility of using hazardous materials of chemical (C), biological (B), radiation / nuclear (R / N) origin for terrorist purposes and during armed conflicts is currently one of the greatest threats to civilization. Nowadays, the medical rescue system is not adequately prepared for this type of threat.
  • Promotional article
    • Advanced Hytera multimode terminals for critical connectivity (53)
      The world has entered the era of intelligent connectivity in which the Internet of Things, VR, AR and artificial intelligence (SI) systems are emerging. As the demand for mobile offices and high-quality broadband data services continues to increase among mission-critical users, it is obvious that traditional narrowband PMR radios will no longer be able to meet all needs.
  • Events
    • Spała 2021. 18th Scientific and Training Conference of the magazine "W Akcji" (54)
      On September 23-24, the Scientific and Training Conference "Internal fires, HAZMAT and CBRNE" organized by the magazine "In Action" took place. It took place at the "Zacisze" Training and Leisure Center in Spała. As every year, we are grateful to the participants for such numerous attendance and active participation in the training.
  • In Action
    • Documentation of rescue operations (57)
      After completion, each rescue operation requires the preparation of appropriate documentation confirming the existence, circumstances and legal validity of the actions carried out.
    • Fire-fighting cars of the future (60)
      The last new combustion-powered cars should be sold in the European Union by 2035 at the latest. Ultimately, all transport is to be zero-emission by 2050. What does this mean in the context of fire trucks?
    • Technical development of fire trucks - part 2 (72)
      Over the course of more than 100 years since the first fire trucks were introduced to the equipment of fire brigades, their purpose, equipment, types and types, weights and the type of drive used for chassis designed for firefighting changed. During these more than 100 years, fire trucks, both in the chassis and body parts, have undergone a real technical and technological evolution.

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