In the latest issue of the W Akcji magazine, the theme of the issue is decontamination foams (a new alternative in rescue operations). The next part of the issue includes articles on, among others, innovation in the training of specialist groups, the use of flow meters, anti-slip chains for fire vehicle wheels, the 19th International Fair of Fire Technology PYROS, a medium technical rescue car made by PS Szczesniak.

  • Number of issue
    • Decontamination foams. A new alternative in rescue operations (8)
      One of the basic rescue issues related to events in which contamination with harmful substances occurs is the decontamination of people, equipment and facilities. The solution to improve the decontamination process can be, among others the use of fire-fighting foams.
  • In Action
    • Tame the element of water. Part I (16)
      Firefighters extinguish thousands of fires a year in our country. According to the statistics of the KG PSP, there are 496 rescue and fire fighting units in 335 poviat and municipal headquarters of the State Fire Service, 29 posts and 5 school units. In turn, the number of TSO units is an impressive 4,439.
    • Specialist group training techniques. Innovations in training (24)
      Training and developing skills in the service is not only a duty, but also an opportunity to conduct operations more effectively. The article presents techniques for training specialist groups. One of them is the Kolb cycle.
    • 19th International Fair of Fire Technology PYROS (28)
      From May 29 to June 1, 2019, the 19th International PYROS Fire Technology Fair was organized in Brno, Czech Republic. This fair is dedicated primarily to specialists and people interested in fire protection.
    • Scania to save lives (40)
      During the last two years, 29 rescue vehicles have been selected to selected rescue and fire-fighting units. One of them is a car made by Szczęśniak Special Vehicles for the PSP Non-commissioned School in Bydgoszcz.
    • Decor or fire safety? (52)
      The author in this article checks how designers deal with fire protection. Is marking out escape routes with legible signs - especially in shopping centers - a simple task?
    • Anti-slip chains for wheels on fire-fighting vehicles (56)
      Considering the selection of chains for the wheels of a fire vehicle and making it, it should be remembered that well-chosen chains will accelerate the vehicle's arrival at the scene of the accident, and in difficult conditions a vehicle without chains will not be able to take a rescue at all.
  • Events
    • MSPO Fair in Kielce (60)
      The 27th edition of the MSPO Trade Fair in Kielce took place on 3-6 September 2019. The International Defense Industry Exhibition in 2019 consolidated its position as the third military exhibition in Europe after Paris and London.
    • Meet the four times Winner Runner winner! (64)
      On August 10, 2019, the famous Katorżnik Run took place. During this year's edition, the fireman from Płock - the young firefighter Przemysław Głoskowski - made his mark on the pages of the Katorżnik Race history as the first to reach the podium four times.
    • Helmet collector from Slovakia (66)
      In September, brig. Marek Pisarek, being in Slovakia near the city of Turzovka, visited the museum with interesting copies of helmets from around the world. The collector and also a guide around the museum was an active firefighter - Jozef Malik.

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