In the latest issue of the magazine "In Action" you can read about: operational recommendations for the safe use of BSP, the appropriate selection of footwear for firefighters, measuring equipment in the detection of hazardous substances, evacuation stairs E 8000 / E 3000, the International Fire, Rescue and Safety Technology Exhibition , a difficult action in the fold in Pianów and about the latest technological solutions to facilitate the work of the State Fire Service.

  • Subject of issue
    • Operational recommendations for the safe use of BSP (6)
      Unmanned aerial vehicles (BSPs) are becoming increasingly popular. It is an extremely useful tool that also supports PSP activities. The article introduces the rules of skilful use of BSP.
  • In action
    • Footwear. Protection and optimization of comfort of operations (14)
      Fireman's boots are tested according to PN-EN 15090: 2012, among others for proper molding of the sole or water resistance. In the article we discuss currently used fire boots - rubber and leather.
    • Stairs to heaven (18)
      Evacuation stairs allow residents to get out of a burning building. They form a vertical part of the escape route and should meet the relevant requirements. In this article, we present the E 8000 / E 3000 rescue staircase.
    • International Exhibition of Firefighting, Rescue and Safety Techniques (30)
      The 14th edition of the Fireco Fair is behind us. People interested in fire protection and all enthusiasts of fire equipment could admire, among others 19th century steam pump, SPOT T55 fire fighting tank and TI-TAN heavy rescue and fire fighting vehicle.
    • Measuring devices for detection of hazardous substances (44)
      This article presents several types of detection, as well as several solutions taken from chemical laboratories, allowing the quantitative and qualitative determination of substances during activities.
    • Where electronics can replace a lifeguard (50)
      We present the latest technological solutions to help PSP units conduct rescue operations during which the presence of a firefighter may be particularly dangerous or impossible.
    • Difficult action in the fold in Pianowa (54)
      The fire in Pianów was fought by over a hundred firefighters from the State Fire Service and other volunteers. The situation looked really serious. Despite the effort and effort of the firefighters, it was not possible to save the 62-year-old man on whom the fold of the fold folded.
  • Events
    • IFRE-EXPO Fair in Kielce (62)
      On June 6-8, the 3rd International Fair of Fire Equipment and Rescue Services (IFRE-EXPO) took place, as well as the 3rd International Fair of Occupational Safety and Protection and Fire Protection Systems (WORK SA-FETY-EXPO).
    • XVI Firefighting Congress (64)
      For one day, PGE Narodowy in Warsaw turned into a place where literally everything is known about threats and fires. On July 25, the 16th edition of the Congress on Fire Protection took place, at which the latest systems and solutions of the fire-fighting industry were presented.
    • VIII International Meeting of Collectors Firefighters and Amateur Historians (64)
      At the end of June, for the eighth time, this time in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, firefighters-collectors and amateur historians from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia met to get acquainted with the history of the Volunteer Fire Brigades in Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

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