The current issue of the magazine is, as usual, a huge dose of knowledge. In addition to extensive materials on thermovision, communication and emergency tactics, the issue also includes a unique interview with a guide dog rescue. In addition, the edition complements many other, very interesting articles created by eminent practitioners

  • Sizes and units used in radiological protection (6)
    The basic task of radiological protection is to limit exposure to ionizing radiation. This applies to both professionally exposed people and the general public.
    Thermal imaging camera as an instrument supporting fire brigade operations (14)
    Thermovision is based on the phenomenon of invisible infrared radiation detection. Any body at a temperature higher than absolute zero emits infrared radiation, also called thermal radiation. Infrared radiation has similar properties to light. But there are also differences.
  • Configuration options for digital radiotelephony equipment (22)
    In the previous article from the series (published in issue 5/2018) a series of basic functionalities of analogue radiotelephony devices are described. On the other hand, the market for professional radiocommunication is actually shaped by digital devices.
  • Exercises taking place on the rubble in Świdnik, province Lublin (30)
    In carrying out the order of the Lubelskie Provincial Commandant of the State Fire Service, senior brigadier Grzegorz Alinowski, concerning the organization of exercises checking the preparation of entities of the national rescue and fire-fighting system to conduct search and rescue operations. On June 25, 2018, maneuvers for selected forces and resources from the area of the province were carried out in the area of the demolished sports hall in Świdnik. Lublin.
  • Prospects for the development of flame retardants (34)
    The complete elimination of combustible materials from our surroundings is not possible, therefore, further attempts are being made to reduce the flammability of what surrounds us so that the fire hazard is as small as possible.
  • Drone applications in PSP operations (42)
    In the current world, the market for unmanned aerial vehicles is growing at a tremendous pace. No one needs to be convinced that the number of manufactured and sold devices is getting bigger every year. This can be seen in press reports, magazines from various industries or just looking out the window.
  • Lifesaver dog (50)
    The future rescuer of rescue dog Regina Zaworska-Kulczyk talks about the basics of rescue work with a dog with an expert in this field - Anna Hermińska.
  • Fire trucks presented at the IFRE-EXPO 2018 in Kielce (56)
    7-9 June this year in the exhibition grounds, the International Fair of Equipment and Equipment for Fire and Rescue Services IFRE-EXPO 2018 was held for the second time. Various fire and rescue equipment necessary to carry out the broadly understood rescue operations were presented. However, the number of exhibitors was smaller than last year.
  • Poviat exercise in another installment (70)
    Every firefighter of both the State and the Volunteer Fire Brigades should not improve their qualifications by participating in the exercises. Knowledge once gained on a basic course or other specialist training a few or a dozen years ago requires from time to time "refreshment" and the reminder of some elements in practice. Therefore, active participation in rescue maneuvers is extremely important.
  • XXVI International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO (81)
    The International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO, which took place on 4-7 September at Targi Kielce, went down in history as an exhibition that brought together 624 companies from 31 countries.
  • Events
    • Guard the eagle's nest (76)
      The Factory Fire Brigade of the Polish Oil Concern ORLEN in Płock is the largest fire brigade in Poland from all operating in chemical plants. This year, it celebrates its 55th anniversary. It was established in 1963 as the Company's Professional Fire Brigade. Her first fire truck was the Star 20, type GM-8, which was rented from Rafineria Nafty Czechowice-Dziedzice.

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