• Interview with Jacek Kocięcki, director of the Department of Technology, Office of Technical Inspection (4)
  • Hydrogen - the fuel of the future - part II (8)
    In the previous, jubilee issue, the necessity to engage in climate evolution was presented. An evolution that has already begun. It is a race against time. Do we have any chance of slowing global warming and sustaining life on Earth?
  • Risk-Based Inspection - principles of risk calculations (14)
    In the previous article, which appeared in the INSPEKTOR newsletter earlier this year, it was discussed what is Risk-based Inspection and the general concept of pressure equipment risk management using this methodology. This article provides information on the key elements of RBI, how to implement it, and what benefits you can get from implementing an effective RBI Program.
  • Non- pressure and low-pressure tanks subject to technical inspection - requirements for safety equipment and automation (18)
    It is real art or good craftsmanship to design a device that is inherently safe, with a minimum amount of necessary equipment, as simple as possible, easy and inexpensive to operate and maintain. Properly performed analysis will allow to identify threats and potential threatening events, for which appropriate technical solutions are necessary in the project.
  • Motorized lorries - changes in regulations. Certificates of qualification (23)
    Motor-driven trucks are part of a group of technical devices that are subjected to considerable stress, often in extreme environmental conditions. The intensive working conditions of trucks can cause many potentially dangerous situations. In such cases, a very important factor that directly determines the safe use of trucks is their use in accordance with the intended purpose, as provided by the manufacturer in the operating manual, by persons with confirmed qualifications, as well as compliance with and adaptation to local conditions related to the performance of a specific task in a given workplace.
  • Interview - Tom Widłak Lublin - EUDT portal and industrial trucks (29)
  • Subsequent stages of the assessment of the technical condition of UTB (part 4/5) (32)
    The previous third article from the UTB series describes the initial stages and focuses on the non-destructive testing methods used in the process of assessing the technical condition of the load-bearing structures of handling equipment. In this and the next part of the UTB series, the elements and components of the STAGES of the assessment of the technical condition of load-bearing structures described in the previous articles were discussed.
  • Tests of the welding technology of 14MoV6-3 steel with x 10CrMoVb9-1 steel (40)
    The article presents the results of mechanical tests and tests of the structure of a welded joint of 14MoV6-3 steel with x 10CrMoVb9-1 steel. The obtained results of non-destructive tests and mechanical tests showed that the joint meets the requirements of the standard used for qualifying the welding technology PN-EN ISO 15614-1.
  • ET Inspektor program for energy (46)
    The concept of establishing the "ET Inspektor" program has its origins in strategic projects carried out at the Office of Technical Inspection. The main assumption is to create an application that organizes knowledge about 200 MW + power units.
  • European regulations for pressure equipment. Harmonized standards Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68 / EU (PED) for pipelines of thermoplastics (49)
    In order to facilitate the task of proving conformity with the essential requirements of the Directive, it is preferable to use harmonized standards at European level, in particular standards for the design, manufacturing and testing of pressure equipment, and compliance with which it is presumed that the equipment meets the essential requirements.
  • Events - reports and announcements (54)

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