UDT Inspektor 2018/01

The first issue of this year's bulletin "INSPECTOR Technique and Safety" is devoted to safety on construction sites. We start with the article by Adam Ogrodnik, the Vice President of the Office of Technical Inspection, regarding the safe operation of equipment on construction sites. Thomas Borth writes about devices found on construction sites. The author describes the requirements for the operation of cranes, the principles of work in the vicinity of excavations and the operation of equipment in the vicinity of power lines.

The Agreement on Safety in Construction, which we write about in this issue, aims to improve safety on Polish construction sites. We talk with Jerzy Werl, the President of the Management Board and the General Director of Warbud SA about the strength of interaction of competitors and the factors that have the greatest impact on safety during the implementation of construction investments. The latest issue of the bulletin addresses the issue of electromobility.

  • Safety on construction sites (4)
  • Safety of handling equipment at construction sites (7)
  • Work on scaffolding can be safe (12)
  • Zero accidents in construction - many companies, one common denominator (16)
  • We are constantly improving to meet the challenges of modern industry 4.0 - ArcelorMittal Poland (18)
  • Electromobility - a secure present and electrifying future (21)
  • Influence of long-term exploitation on the microstructure and properties of the welded joint (24)
  • Directive 2006 (42 / EC again) (27)
  • Changes in the legal environment of UDT (30)
  • Relations and announcements (32)