Aktualności BHP - Substancje niebezpieczne (OSH News) 2022/66

  • Working with chemicals: solvents, hot melt adhesives, removers
    • Question: What should be the procedure and what conditions must be met if the company plans to introduce positions where various types of chemical substances will be used. Who should be notified, what consents or permits need to be obtained? The work will be performed with the use of, inter alia, wet-applied solvents and paints, agents for degreasing and washing surfaces (acetone and brake cleaner), hot-melt adhesives and removers for these adhesives in the process of joining the material with aluminum.
    • Answer: Before introducing chemical substances and / or mixtures, please refer to the ordinance of the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology of July 22, 2021 on restrictions on the production, marketing or use of hazardous substances and mixtures and on placing on the market or use articles containing such substances or mixtures.

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