Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2022/195 (05-06)

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    • Further changes in the Polish Lada from July 1, 2022 (3)
      The Ministry of Finance presented the current version of the draft tax changes, which are to come into force on July 1, 2022. about the more favorable application of the allowance for seniors, withdrawal from imposing additional obligations on payers and shifting the mechanism of granting a free amount between payers to 2023.
    • New obligations of the employer in relation to the defense of the Fatherland (4)
      The law on the defense of the Fatherland entered into force at the end of April. It introduced protection against dismissal of the future soldier, as well as the soldier's spouse. In addition, the employer may apply for reimbursement of costs if it is necessary to hire a new employee to replace the reservist. What other changes are introduced by the new regulations?
    • Transmission pipelines with hazardous materials - amendment to the regulations (6)
      Transmission pipelines are a type of technical equipment that should have the technical conditions of technical inspection established. The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology, acting under the statutory authorization, developed a draft regulation on the technical conditions of technical supervision to be met by transmission pipelines transporting hazardous materials with toxic, corrosive or flammable properties. What changes were proposed?
  • Control of the National Labor Inspectorate
    • Safety under the control of video monitoring (8)
      The basic condition for the possibility of introducing monitoring of the workplace and the area around the workplace is the safety of employees. In a situation where monitoring is not a necessary activity, and has only been installed just in case, it may be questioned by a labor inspector during an inspection.
  • Health and safety service
    • Immediate shutdown of the machine or device - 5 - authorization of the health and safety service (10)
      The catalog of authorizations of the employees of the OHS service is much slimmer than the catalog of duties. The rights include the possibility of immediate suspension of the operation of the machine or other technical device in the event of a direct threat to the life or health of the employee or other people. In practice, however, this right is a legal obligation. Why?
  • The subject of the issue
    • Seasonal employer obligations during the summer period (12)
      The summer season is approaching. For every employer, this is a few additional obligations. In a properly functioning workplace, they do not require large expenditures or organizational changes. Nevertheless, they require a review of individual elements affecting workers, including proper ventilation and air conditioning and the appropriate temperature in the work rooms. It is also very important to provide cold drinks and protection against sunlight at work in the field.
  • Questions and Answers
    • When to Replace Work Shoes (17)
      Complaints from employees while using assigned work shoes may be sufficient reason to decide to replace shoes. A medical doctor will not comment on footwear because he is not a specialist in this field. Unless the footwear causes foot injuries to workers.
    • What are the requirements for a platform in a container (17)
    • How to Transport a 1,440 kg load (18)
      A mold weighing 1,440 kg is not allowed in a hand pallet truck, regardless of the number of men transporting the load.
    • Is first aid training compulsory for every teacher (18)
      All teachers and even all school staff should receive first aid training.
  • Working conditions
    • In the workplace (19)
      Electric scooters are used more and more often in the workplace. It is a means of transport that is easy to use and significantly reduces the time it takes for an employee to move from place to place. But how to regulate the use of such a scooter in the workplace? What provisions can you refer to here? Should the worker be equipped with a hard hat or other protective equipment?
    • First aid system - shift and overtime work (20)
      It is a particular responsibility of every employer to provide employees with an efficient first aid system. First aid points and first aid kits are not everything - their operation should be entrusted to designated employees trained in first aid. What if the work is organized in a shift mode or the plant only operates within 8 hours and overtime work has to be done?
  • Health and safety training - Experts respond
    • Whether to supplement the outstanding trainings for the employee on notice (22)
      When there is no certificate of completion of the initial OSH training in the employee's personal file, you can try to reproduce this document (duplicate) if the employee of the OHS service kept a register of trained employees, in which it was noted that the training of this employee took place. Otherwise, it is not possible to recreate the initial OSH training that was not completed during the employment. initial training is not practiced for employees previously employed in the establishment.
  • Accidents at work
    • Failure to report to a doctor after a minor accident (23)
      Light accidents are common during work. Sometimes you can even say trivialities that the employee ignores. He only reports to his immediate supervisor, but does not want to see a doctor. What should the employer do then? Does the employee's decision close the case?
  • Poster
    • How to call for help in case of fire (24)

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